Golf is far from a perfect game and it’s played by imperfect people but with the correct mindset, it can remain fun and rewarding. This is my take on the 7 deadly sins of golf.

LUST- After asking the question a bunch of times, it has become obvious that you suffer from golf lust when you’d rather be on the course or at the driving range than be intimate with your spouse or significant other.

GLUTTONY- This actually has nothing to do with food. Many players find it impossible to part with the stockpiles of golf equipment that they have amassed. Does a player really need 20 putters, 10 sets of irons or 15 persimmon woods in their garage? You notice we didn’t include drivers because long drivers have an over-under number of 14 drivers at any given time.

GREED- We encourage aggressive play but when a player bites off way more than they can chew, it can lead to trouble. Trying to hit a 9 iron onto a green that is 200 yards away when you know you’re carry with that club is 135 yards is a perfect example. Greed can also be found in a win at all cost mentality. Some players are willing to lie, cheat and steal in order to win any tournament, even when the prize is a $3 trophy.

SLOTH- Slow play is a constant problem in golf. This is never more evident than on a par 5 when players are in the fairway and have 325 yards remaining to the pin and yet they insist on waiting for the green to clear. A well placed tee shot from behind a slow crew can encourage them to speed up.

WRATH- People who can’t control their anger are no worse than folks who can’t handle their whiskey. Throwing clubs, cussing in front of innocent ears or harboring an ill mood when you’re not having your best day are all ways to confirm yourself as an unworthy opponent.

ENVY- When you find yourself consumed about fitting in with you’re normal playing group or upset about how much golf others are able to play without you, envy may be creeping in. This also applies to being concerned about whom you will be riding with in the golf cart. If your playing with people that you would rather not ride with, perhaps you’re in the wrong group. Drama and envy go hand in hand.

PRIDE- Hardly anyone keeps a true golf handicap. There are sandbaggers who believe that have outsmarted the system and then there are prideful players. The prideful players tend to only turn in their lowest golf rounds and can’t play anywhere near their severely low numbers. There are also prideful people in long drive. These folks tend to pay the entry fees without having any legitimate chance at competing just so they can call themselves a long driver or so they can get on social media and brag about going to professional long drive events. Of course, a certain number of these people are needed in order to provide round numbers and proper payouts. They can also be best described as donors.

If you recognize yourself on this list, don’t hate the messenger but simply ask forgiveness from the golf gods and work on ways to contribute to this great game and let’s make it the sport of champions rather than the domain of the elite and fortunate.


MobyMatt / Shark Attack Golf