About Us

Shark Attack Golf is philosophy and mindset. Golf is often exclusive and boring but we believe in growing the game and allowing free expression as opposed to cloned players that look, act and say the company line. We wanted to bring aggressive attitudes to the way we play and dress. We often say that Shark Attack Golf is anti-snob golf and the rich man’s game has got to change. Our members include men, women, kids and people from all walks of life. There’s no room for racism or sexism in our ranks. We are all about golf and long drive. Politics and religion can be divisive issues and are never mixed into Shark Attack Golf.

Music on the tee box and in the golf cart is encouraged as long as it’s not country. Aggressive golf also means that we support the sport of Long Drive. We sponsor competitors in small ways because we are a small company and in our opinion, the future is bright for Long Drive, it just needs exposure and support. It should always remain outside of the PGA or risk losing its soul.

People have often asked why we formed Shark Attack Golf without a motive to make a ton of cash and we say that sometimes, you just do things because it’s the right thing to do. We try to maintain our independence so that we can offer true product and equipment reviews. We aren’t afraid to be the first ones to put a brand new product into play and we know that company size and influence doesn’t necessarily translate to greatness.

If you like to pound the golf ball but don’t like dealing with all of the high brow bull, you may have found your home. Come join us on facebook, twitter. wingding™, or YouTube and help us change the world of golf, one swing at a time.