Yeti Golf is the brain child of John Kelly, a golf enthusiast and business professional. John has always been infatuated with hitting golf balls as far as possible. Competing in long drive events from 1998 – 2003 with limited success, John took time off of long drive to concentrate on family and career.

Fast forward to 2010, John tested the waters of long drive and found that although not the longest hitter by far, he can still hit it long. One local qualifier for the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship and he was back in!

This is where the Yeti Golf story begins… After looking to update his equipment, John found that in a tough economy, reasonably priced, high quality clubheads were tough to come by. Using contacts from around the world made in the consumer goods industry and creating win-win situations for all parties involved, John started Yeti Golf a component company for the any day golfer. High handicappers to professionals, our clubheads work for everyone.

2015 and Beyond​
2015 is a year of change in many ways for Yeti Golf.  The first year of complete autonomy to develop, market and build a true golf brand.  The release of the New Albino Yeti marks a significant turning point in the focus of the brand as well as expanding the Yeti name and brand portfolio.  We appreciate the past, present and future supporters of our mission and vision.