doc holiday


I’m sure you’ve watched one of the greatest Western Movies of all time…Tombstone. For some reason, the current happenings in Long Drive bring a scene from this movie to mind. Johnny Ringo: [Ringo steps up to Doc] And you must be Doc Holliday. Doc Holliday:That’s the rumor. Johnny Ringo: You retired too? Doc Holliday: Not me. Some people chase the truth and others find it a lot more exciting to chase rumors. The truth is rarely found at the rumor Mill but it’s a populated place.

With the announcement of the Golf Channel buying into Long Drive, there has been a lot of hope and speculation as well there should be. We would do well to judge the final product based upon the track record and nobody really knows how this will all turnout. A word of caution to all who are blessed enough to be a part of the inner circle, especially in the early stages. Every decision has a price and a consequence. Don’t agree to sell your services too cheap. Exposure is a good thing but don’t confuse airtime and flattery with fame and fortune. Take full advantage of every opportunity presented but keep both eyes on the prize.

I know that there are some who have made a habit of jumping from product to product in a constant search for a free ride or sometimes just so they can call themselves sponsored. It’s way past time to find what works for you and to show loyalty. Would you use an inferior product simply because it’s discounted or free? Further, how much would it take for you to play a club that is unproven or not your choice? I’ve known component companies that have encouraged their players to change brands in order to gain exposure and to cash in on a lucrative contract.

The next few months and year will bring lots of the unknown into focus. May the events that transpire be a boost to the game and a lift to the sport. As I’ve often said, we aren’t burned out and we aren’t tired of the routine. If Long Drive and Aggressive Golf were stocks, we’d be buying and not selling. To all of our friends who send the ball way down the grid, we salute you and hope you all find the much deserved payday that has often been so elusive. Keep it pure and honest and leave nothing undone in the pursuit of greatness. When you win, be gracious and always find time for the kids, the fans and those who want to walk in your steps.

Rumor has it, that you could be the greatest but only you can add reality to that Mill job. Swing better, swing faster and always believe the next swing will be the best, no matter how the last 5 were.


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