Yup, I think I got you here with that headline. Lots of positions could be discussed but for the sake of this post, let’s cover 2 points. Let’s go ahead and get to the image that inspired this post as well. While flipping through some web images about impact position, there was an image that stated “my favorite sexual position is called wow…it’s when I flip your Mom over”.

In Long Drive, impact position is everything. With this in mind, I would like us to ask the question…what is the current position of the sport of Long Drive? Championship and title sponsorship status are both up in the air but no matter the outcome, we are only as good as our determination and representation to the public. One of the things that caused me to fall in love with Long Drive is the presence of Characters in the field. Instead of a quiet and proper game, it’s loaded with larger than life hitters who live out loud, wear their emotions on their sleeves and may even dress to assume an identity on the tee box. Characters should always be welcome but the “Good old Boys” club…not so much. As a coach of many basketball and softball teams, there were always over reaching parents trying to relive their past greatness through their kids but this is something that simply can’t be done…it’s a ghost dream. Many hitters also want to reclaim the past glory of Long Drive and in part, it’s an honorable goal. From our many meeting after events and honest conversations with some of the best hitters in the game, it seems that in it’s origins, Long Drive attracted a large and tight group of athletes. Much less drama and much more honest competition and bonding took place. Those are the aspects worth reviving. There’s another aspect of the sport that needs to change and not be revisited. It should not become the land of the racist or the sexist and it can never be that if true growth can ever be expected. Vulgar culture is not the path to prosperity. You may be a person who enjoys a gentleman’s club or the Playboy Bunny culture and in your personal life, you have every right to those enjoyments but this can not be the public face of our business or brands. If your Character is to be the Val Venis of Long Drive, have at it but as a company in this sport, you can not expect growth and stability while posting personal political or religious statements on your social media posts or by producing sexist and juvenile images on your products. The knuckle dragging culture is over unless your goal is to remain irrelevant as a sport. There comes a time when the infighting and constant bickering has to end for the greater good of Long Drive.

As mentioned earlier, impact position is everything in Long Drive. A pre shot routine is valuable because it enables you to repeat the swing sequence and process. No matter how great or powerful of a player you are, you have no chance if you’re out of position at impact. I’ve known great hitters who stand and rehearse their impact position every night and it pays off. Just as impact position must be practiced and planned to get the most efficiency out of it, we must also work together to plan the future impact position of Long Drive. I don’t claim to have all the answers but the future can only partly be found in the past. Like I told a group of kids that I taught, I don’t want you to be like your Mom and I don’t want you to be like your Dad. The goal is to take the best from both of them and excel to an even greater level. Live Long and Live together to achieve the greater good.


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