As most of you know, I’m a true night owl. As such, I’ve also become pretty comfortable navigating my home in the dark. Typically, my last thought before crawling in the bed is the golf swing. A few ghost swings in the dark always seem to calm my mind and give me at least one daily golf focus. Life can be overwhelming as well as stressful and it can be almost impossible to find time to focus on your health, goals or dreams during the daily grind. I’ve often said that golf, family and the job are all fighting for dominance while pretending to want balance. A quality golf game requires a high level of dedication to both practice and execution. Pressure is the only way forward in any golf discipline. Playing with a huge lead or from a huge deficit in any sport scenario is easy because there’s little to lose but those who perform under pressure or when it really counts are the ones to be feared. Nobody is perfect or capable of hitting every shot on every occasion but there are those who seem to thrive in the heat of the moment. Anyone can get lucky or have a great day. If you don’t believe this to be true just take a stone cold rookie to the putt putt course or bowling alley and see what unfolds (sometimes) but given the choice of being the lucky guy who wins 1 out of 10 matches, I’d much rather be the guy who works at it and finds a way to win 9 out of 10 matches. Luck counts but greatness is achieved as a result of hard work and by putting yourself in a position to win. Many dream of wining the lottery or of achieving fame but you can’t win if you don’t play and you can’t be discovered while sitting in your living room. Chase your goals like your life depends on it because it just might. Do something each day to advance your position because regret is a sour meal that stays in your gut far too long. What lies ahead for each of us is as unsure as a roll of the dice but that shouldn’t keep us from living life to the fullest or from taking chances on what we believe in. Today, stop following the crowd, stop letting others dictate your actions and options. Develop your own original thoughts. Let the old, tired and cliche reactions go away. Only you can determine to attack life and your golf game. Knowing you have control of your future, what will you do? As far as me, I’ll keep going towards the dream and each night you can bet, I’ll keep swinging in the dark.