The latest product review from Shark Attack Golf features the Teecil. At Shark Attack Golf, we are all about the new, the different, the unique and the innovative. Our reviews are always 100% independent and unbiased.

While looking through our twitter feed, this product caught my attention. I offered to provide a review and product test and shortly after, Teecil sent us a package to test. We’ve been known to use various objects to tee the ball up including a golf pencil. It’s always been a bit of a challenge to balance the ball on the top of a flat pencil but now, there seems to be a legit way to do so. As you can see from our video clips, the reactions to this product ranged from why to awesome.

The focus of this product is as a novelty item and it would also be really good as a golf tournament gift. It’s not intended to be a product for the masses and for the cart golfer or long driver, there are better alternatives. The best use of this product would be for golfers who walk the course, especially the high school or college player. Most walking golfers that we spoke to said they typically have a pocket full of tees but no pencil and therefore, they could benefit from the combination of items. The feedback from the walking golfers was very positive.

How durable is the product? That’s a great question and in our experience, the Teecil will last anywhere from 3-9 tee shots, depending on how well you strike the ball. It’s at least as strong as a traditional wooden golf tee. The Teecil comes in a 3 1/4 inch length, comes in various colors and quantities of 10,50,100,500 and 1,000. You can also order personalized tees with up to 3 lines of printing, minimum order of 500 pieces.

The bottom line is, the Teecil isn’t for everyone but for use as a novelty gift and for golfers who walk and play, it’s very much worth considering. Thanks to Teecil for allowing us to give this unique product a field test.



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