Once again, our friends at Mechanization have released an album and allowed us to grab a listen and a review. For this, we are grateful and honored. I’m a conflicted and complicated dude. My many passions overflow and intersect in strange and unusual ways. At the risk of sounding like a Hustler insert from back in the day, Moby enjoys basketball, golf, music, the arts, metal music and fishing. He lives in the South but can be a true rebel to the common society and traditional ways. I’ve been a nerd, a jock, a musician and a poet. So how does one support equality, diversity, oppose racism and sexism and find a home in the world of metal music? By nature, I’m a quiet person who keeps to himself but underneath the calm exterior, there is often a rage and a boil. Listening to or playing metal music allows a much needed pressure release. Heavy music is also motivational and inspirational driving me to push through the bad times and into the power of self. If you’re not a metal fan, it’s all good, do your thing. If you can’t understand the lyrics, it’s probably not for you. If you’ve ever described music as “screamo”, you should never claim to be a metal fan and should stop here but if you love to thrash and mosh or just bang your head, you should check out the review below and visit Mechanization for some freaking awesome Industrial Metal available. Without further delay, here is the official review of The Willful Demise.

Track 1- Throne Upon- As we have come to expect, our boys fade in with the feeling of an approaching impending doom. I asked one of my kids what they felt while listening to Behemoth once and the reply- feels like we’re going to die. When you feel the music bearing down on you, you’re in the right spot for this track.

Track 2- Trash People- This one is chunky AF! Double bass penetrating your ears. This one is a Death Metal image and makes me want to jump in the pit and mix it up with any and all comers. I’m never a fan of willful ignorance but if you’ve ever felt judged just for being yourself, this one is for you.

Track 3- Empty Forever- Feeling a bit thrash driven, I can relate to a feeling of emptiness. Sometimes, we stand on a conquered hilltop only to fall down the slope. It’s easy to feel like it just doesn’t matter but tracks like this one should make you want to get up and get back at life, even if it’s to piss off the others who want you to fail.

Track 4- Force Fed Life- Methodical and in a rhythmic manner, a slow grinder appears. I really enjoyed this cut as one of the top of the Album. It speaks to me on a deep level. Many of us exist in a mediocre world where we are told to conform to beliefs and opinions of the majority. We also find ourselves influenced by those who want to tell you what generic and popular songs to like but if you’re lucky, you’ll break away from the crowd and become self aware. Those who never look inward or sure to fail outwardly.

Track 5- What Death Demands- I have to admit that I was a fan of this song straight from the title. Driving riffs and dramatic changes of pace throw the sound into a wide range of traffic and it’s awesome! This stop on the Album also seems to bounce around in the speakers and offer a trip between the ears.

Track 6- Two to One- Absolutely love the intro for this one. As a musician, I have spent many nights in a poorly lit garage attempting to find a winding groove that allows the bass and drums to share the stage with the guitar in my hand. The half steps featured on the drop downs remind me of some power metal work. Perhaps it’s the galloping feel of the riff here as well but it brings me to a place of instant motivation.

Track 7- Burn in the Fire- Developing out of a smokey haze, we are brought into a raspy and guttural free fall. Guitars rise and fall and drums kick you while you’re down.

Track 8- The Rapture Dies- While inhaling this offering, my personal journey comes to mind. At one point, I was a die hard fan of what I had been indoctrinated into. Even when common sense seemed to go against the grain and exposed weakness in the armor. Once I realized that I could choose to learn and grow, there was great personal freedom. Not looking to be in anyone’s face over opinion but tracks like this make you less afraid to speak back when stupidity wants to bark loudly.

Track 9- Into the Mausoleum- Another classic fade in and misdirection play as we enter the gates. I have to also put this one as one of my album favorites. Big and bold guitar work builds over the head like a cloud and the drums fall from the sky. I can already visualize a backdrop for dropping some massive Long Drive bombs down the grid here. I can promise you’ll be hearing this one featured on some videos soon. I think the odd and old school picking toward the end ads a great breaking point and throws us back to a time when Fender amps ruled the scene.

Track 10- No God will Undo- Returning to the simple and non distorted guitar effect, we begin to close this one out. Quickly we jump into a chariot of fire and ride into the sky. There are tracks that make me feel like conquering the world and this one goes right in that vein.

Overall, the 5th album from Mechanization brings everything that we have come to expect from this West Coast Band. Doom, slow walk, huge distortion, big riffs, double bass drums, fade points, drops, highs and lows. If you’re a fan of diverse metal sounds and want to take a trip into the full range, you’re going to be glad you found The Willful Demise.