The next book in the epic saga known as Mechanization has arrived. I’m truly thankful for the chance to review their releases. This review will be a bit different. One of the coolest things about this release is that they have also released a Youtube film / video with lyrics. To say the least, this year has been rough on many levels and I can say without reservation that when times get tough, I turn to metal and brutality to help me survive and this release single handedly pulled me past some of the hardest things I have ever endured. This review may be wide ranging as I try to express the feeling associated with each chapter. Without further delay, I bring you the guttural review of the self titled  album…Mechanization.


Self titled album with 8 chapters. 

We begin our journey with a pile driver of a beat called “The Eye.” Lyrically, the first track begins a journey into a space and time and questions the light vs darkness that we have all come to admit. 2019 has been a brutal year full of death, chaos and disorder for me. This album arrived as my father was struggling in the hospital and I can’t lie, I found much solace in repeatedly letting this music wash the bad away. The second chapter is a mellow ride on a guitar pick. “The Departure” rings as a drift and a physiological dive into a world and a mindset free of the fear of pain and the unknown. A true leap of faith that only true risk takers can know. “The Prophecy” starts as chapter 3 comes in like a galloping ghost in the periphery. Prophetical and encouraging. In times like these, true honesty requires that we face our beliefs, question everything and come to our own conclusions. I find inspiration in the dark and night often brings the truth to light. Chapter 4, “World on Fire.” Calm soul vibes with an out of this world visit to other kingdoms and times. We feel small and that’s a good thing. Recently, a friend contacted me and spoke of how he had failed and destroyed his life. “A land without life is no home”….what a truly powerful lyric. My friend talked of harming himself and although several of us tried to intervene, he was determined to leave this world. Caught in the grip of a horrid year, I often feel like this World is on Fire but some of us are born to walk through the flames. Love you R.D. Legacy for life. “From Life to Bondage” is the 5th chapter and it’s a dream sequence with a long and immortal intro. Some of us have escaped our fate. Some have faced the Reaper, smelled his breath and lived to tell. Death is certain but fear is a choice. Every day, we decide to survive or to thrive. This chapter also features a break off near the end followed by a guttural moan and it’s right on point. The 6th leg of the journey is called “Crack Their Bones” and begins acoustically which is always welcomed. I’m a larger person and have found myself in many conflicts over the years. Truly, anyone who speaks of positive outcomes after a fight, probably is either demented or a liar. True violence should be reserved for defending others and times that call for desperate measures. This track does make me motivated to achieve aggressive results in anything that I choose to do. Track 7…”The Cost of Suffering.” Until you have suffered and shuttered under the weight of life, you simply can’t appreciate the simplicity of earlier times. Many want to wear the crown but few are willing to endure the suffering that accompanies. Rising to the point of patriarch for some is a dream but unless you understand the journey and the responsibilities, your stay will be short and unfulfilled. Those who are worthy understand the cost and embrace it. In light of recent events, my only response… is it real or is it right, heaven open your mouth and take another bite. We end with the best number , Chapter 8, “Death Returned.” Classic Mechanization with a bold start. A protest, a rebellion and a determination to stand up to the evil and the darkness. Breaking free from our shackles and a true calling is what we seek. Sometimes, numbers count for nothing but it is our willingness to get up and to continue that matters. The prophecy lies within you and only you can bring it to pass. I sit here as I wrap up another lap through this album and I find myself in a better place for having made the journey. Another quality offering from our friends at Mechanization and forever restful may you find yourselves….#rippaparuss #riprickydavis you will be missed and honored. 


Matt Ellenburg (Moby) Shark Attack Golf