It’s no secret that Moby is a huge metal fan and unlike some who call themselves fans, I’ve got a metal pedigree. If you ever doubt, the next time we talk, just ask me for my Iron Maiden story. Being in a few bands and dealing with musicians and recording labels in my earlier days, also makes me appreciate the honesty and efforts of the band Mechanization. They’ve basically figured out a way to produce high quality, neck grinding music without the typical drama that can be found in a group of ego players. Their approach is mechanical and industrial as the name implies and I have the honor of reviewing their third album called Solipsism. This album continues the line of devastatingly brutal music that we have come to expect from Terrorence and HMT. If you’re a person who uses the term “screamo”, you should probably exit now because this music is not for you. (And you really need to delete that term from your vocabulary). If you do enjoy music that will make you feel like you could time travel through a brutal time portal and destroy both past and future unholy hordes…this album is for you!

The Testimony of Ancient Stones starts the brain numbing assault as the first of eleven tracks. In my mind, I always feel as though I’m on a viking ship sailing toward ultimate destruction with their opening track. Much like Amon Amarth seem to weave a tale of death, destruction and glory, Mechanization seems to follow in the same vein. Hallowed Ground follows with a driving line of fury. My favorite portion is the shout sequence in the middle and the voice over that follows. I’m a huge bass fan and the slow down with the focus on the low end is simply flawless. Suppressing Echoes is the third feature and is a slower and more deliberate vibe. Feels like an inward view deep into the soul. Inward reflection can be the most painful and honest experience for even the baddest person on the planet.This track also echoes back to the last album Kenosis. The Weight of Obeyance is the next stop and is a pounding return to the attack. Mass Purgatory- This might be the greatest named track of the eleven. It’s a foray into an instrumental  intensity and hellishly creepy location. Decree of Servitude- Charging out from a dark place deep in the mind, this song blazes a hard and furious trail into your mortality. The drum work on this one and the way it ends make this one a strong contender for the best. Fell by Morning Frost- Face paced and hair splitting romp into the intensity spectrum. Guttural screams come alive in this one. Bloodfall- A free fall onto the sword of justice. The splintered guitar work here is worth every second. Truly one of the most complete and a favorite from the entire composition. Mead of Honor- Another awesomely titled number. The voice is strong but ranging here. The change of speed in the last third is impossible to wash from the cortex. Requital- An ascending blow that slowly explodes from the depths and reaches full tilt. No surrender. We Found the Sun- The opening sequence on this piece is melodic and deafening at the same time. The undercurrent through the entire song is enough to get stuck in your head and makes this one a triumph. The album fades out in a blaze of glory and on the tip of a Dragon’s wing.

Once again, I feel honored to do an album review. Mechanization is building a solid core of efficient, earth pounding and bio mechanical metal. They are already hard at work on the next album and if it’s anything like the last two, I can’t wait to get my ears on it. You can check out the band and it’s latest release here. Be sure to follow them on social media and tell them that Shark Attack Golf sent you.