Golf can be a cruel mistress who loves to bring the pain. The addiction begins early in the game and is ushered in not by a great round but by the one good or pure shot within a round. We find ourselves living for the next big drive or approach shot that almost goes in. If it were possible, we’d pay money that we can’t afford to spend to find better shots in front of our buddies. Golf is a constant pursuit of perfection and a constant failure in the journey. When and if we ever realize that perfection has a different meaning each time we tee up a golf ball, it becomes easier to measure success. It’s possible to score well and yet play poorly and it’s possible to play well and have a lousy score. It’s also possible to be in the midst of a horrible round and crank a big drive 100 yards past your playing partner and suddenly feel like a superhero.

Have you ever had a girlfriend or boyfriend who made your life miserable and yet when you were away from them, all you could do was think about them? That’s golf. No matter how bad the round, no matter how sorry the range session, a true golf lover will spend the time afterward analyzing and trying to figure out what went wrong while planning a return trip. Golfing greatness is often born from mass chaos. The better your game gets, the longer you hit the ball and the more you practice, the more aspects of your personal life and business life can erode. Only other warriors could ever understand the drive and commitment to continue improving.

To stick with golf, you have to be a gluten for punishment but the reward is worth all of the pain. Pro athletes often talk about being in the zone and golf allows you the opportunity to witness that first hand. A streak of big tee shots that find the grid, a run of consecutive pars or birdies and a round without losing a ball can make you feel invincible but rest assured, the same game that loves you today will inevitably leave you broken and asking for more. The best way to enjoy the golf journey is to avoid those who constantly talk about quitting the game or giving up long drive and instead, surround yourself with others who share the love of the game and appreciate the pain and reward.


Moby / Shark Attack Golf