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I know we have lots of college football fans on our pages and after watching the ending to the Georgia vs. Auburn game, I had to ask the question of where it ranks all time among other crazy college football wining touchdowns? I submit the following, in no particular order. Feel free to vote for your favorite. These are all within the last 46 years, all college plays, all touchdowns and all to win games.


California vs Stanford 1982- Bringing pain to the band!


Boston College vs Miami 1984- Flutie Miracle in Miami


Colorado vs Michigan 1994- The Miracle in Michigan


LSU vs. Kentucky 1992- The Bluegrass Miracle


Georgia vs  Auburn 2013- Miracle at Jordan Hare


Miami (OH) vs Akron 2001- Ben Roethlisberger


Michigan State vs. Wisconsin 2011


Southern Miss vs. Louisville 1989- Brett Favre


Northwestern vs. Minnesota 2000


Take a look at these and if I missed your favorite, feel free to post it as a response video. This is also not intended as a swipe at any team but just a fun way to look back at some of the greatest plays ever in college football for the win.