As we embark upon another season of Long Drive, It feels a lot like the the beginning of football season. Everyone is full of hope and anticipation about what the future holds and how they will fare. Football has training camp, baseball has spring training while hockey and soccer have their own training…I was going to look them up but then I remembered that I’m in the South and don’t really care about them. (Don’t get mad, I’m just goofing).

I’ve been self employed since 1985. Knowing that you’re responsible each day for the survival of yourself and a family provides motivation to say the least. Long Drive is a sport that requires self motivation perhaps more than most other sports. There’s no team or large group of players to work out with or to press you to improve. Some players are blessed with facilities, access to high end monitors and weather protected hitting areas which are an obvious and well deserved advantage. The majority however, must practice when it’s not convenient while picking and choosing their spots to maximize the kindness of the weather. I’ve always said that the better my golf game gets, the worse my work and home life becomes. It’s very hard to serve two masters and virtually impossible to serve three interest. If you’ve ever tried to work out regularly or attempted to eat better, you understand just how difficult it is to maintain that level of dedication. To achieve success, a certain level of selfishness and even ego are required. Refusing a homemade desert while dieting can offend the person who offers it to you but dedication is it’s own reward. I’ve known many high caliber athletes and musicians and none of them got to be where they are by doubting their abilities and without feeling like they belonged amount the best. Some call it confidence, others call it cockiness but it’s unreasonable to expect success without believing in yourself even when everyone else doubts you.

Ego is a fire that burns within the the chest of the competitive. It is protected from the elements and the only way it can be extinguished is from one’s own doubt. You must learn to do what you do best and do it better than anyone else can. If you’re a bomber with no lower gear, then live for the knock out punch but if you’re a precision player who knows how to move the ball at will and can choose a landing zone, by all means, use your accuracy to find the grid and place great pressure on the other players.

Wining isn’t everything but it’s the only way to call yourself the best. Wining also makes all of the sacrifices worth while. There are many players who desperately want to be sponsored and to be considered among the elite but until you pay the dues, you best be prepared to bet on your own success with your own money and efforts. What does it take to be called a professional Long Driver? It depends on who you ask. Some consider being in the profession of Long Drive enough for the title. This would include showing up for a local qualifier and throwing $40 down in an attempt to qualify. Others say that until you cash a check at a Long Drive event, you are not a professional Long Driver. Everyone has to start somewhere and I’m in the business of spreading the gospel of Long Drive and making golf more fun and accessible to more people.

The game of Long is an illusive dragon that many chase but few actually catch. If you’re among the few that are gifted enough to be a threat in Long Drive, consider yourself lucky and be sure to take full advantage of your physical and mental abilities while you have them.



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