One degree seems so insignificant but a single degree can often make all of the difference in the world. Hopefully, we are not clones and we do not strive to be a part of the masses in order to feel like we belong. It’s often the small things that separate us from our fellow man. I have determined that I can get along with the majority of people that I meet as long as we avoid 2 subjects…religion and politics. The odd thing is, both of these should be very personal issues that are shared by request or invitation and not by force or assumption that everyone agrees with your viewpoint. Both of these subjects should be no different than the sports teams that you pull for because I can get along fairly easily with fans of my arch rival in sports and we can even share some spirited jabs back and forth. The problem comes when you vilify others for holding a different viewpoint than you hold. Everyone should have the right to pull for the Cowboys or Giants, Alabama or Auburn and the Yankees or Red Sox without feeling that the opposing teams fans are going to burn in hell. I say anything that causes hard feelings and arguments beyond a surface level should be left to like minded company. I also find it totally unnecessary to be informed of your political opinions in public forums and it’s even more offensive to be judged for failing to agree with you on your opinions. Can we at least begin to focus on the things that unite us and not the things that cause so much anger and pain? It’s the golf that unites us. Golf has the power to bring together a Clemson and a Gamecock fan, a Seminole and a Gator or a Texas and Oklahoma fan. Each time we disagree, it’s equal to one degree of separation and if you put enough degrees between us, it becomes impossible to communicate or even respect each other.

In Golf, one degree can be the difference between success and failure on the course or on the grid. setting your club face open or closed can be the difference in a weak fade or a power draw. There’s no magic cure for a poor swing or lack of practice but proper testing and fitting can provide the path to greatness. In Long Drive, loft can often equal a typical players putter but until you are able to try the proper degrees, you may never know the feel of hitting the best ball of your life. In life, degrees of separation are isolating but in golf, degrees are personal and while higher lofts can equal control, lower lofts can often equal bombs. The beauty of golf is that everyone is unique and while one player might maximize a 7.5* loft, another might well maximize the loft of a 3* driver. I’ve come to realize that the majority of Long Drivers are not only in the pursuit of maximum performance but they are also willing to share their advice and strategies in an attempt to help each other. In the end, I think most of us understand that the better we are together, the better the sport will be overall. One degree can mean the difference in water freezing or flowing and one degree on the driver could mean the difference in cashing a check or an early trip to the house. This year has brought us change and opportunity in the world of Long Drive and although the pathway forward is unknown, it appears to be promising. Let us never forget where we come from and what makes the sport great. Be yourself and not what is requested. Winning solves lots of issues and champions find a way to prevail even on their worst days and also use each loss as a building block for the future. Here’s to watching the season wrap up on a huge note and to a productive off season.



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