Define- 1. State or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of . 2.Mark out the boundary or limits of. Over the holiday season, I find that I’m in observation mode both personal and external. Seems like anytime a group of guys get together or find themselves forced into conversation, there is one question that tops all others. What do you do? This simple question should really be much deeper than it is but we all automatically know that it concerns what we do for a living or as a job. I find it a bit sad that our occupations tend to define who we are above all else. Some of us arrive at our job title by accident and others by careful planning but that shouldn’t make us more or less in the eyes of each other. The other portion of the definition above is that it sets limits or boundaries. Setting limits based upon what you do is to admit failure and to be stuck in a dead end situation. I understand the foolishness of saying that if you can just work hard enough, you will automatically achieve wealth and fame because if that were true, the power structure of this country would be quite different. Some of my friends who clean dishes and homes would have long ago been rewarded with wealth beyond measure.
A few years ago, I was searching for a new golf gadget. It was a bracelet with negative ions in it and the technology was fairly new. I approached a local golf store about the item and they didn’t have it and had not heard of it. Frustrated by not being able to find it, I went online and was able to purchase a large quantity of the bracelets. I returned to the golf store and showed them the product and even offered them some of the units at a discount. The response I received was unexpected. The manager of the store said he had no interest in them. He even acted angry about me bringing them into his store. When I asked him why he was angry he sighed and said…what makes you think you can be in the golf business? I responded by telling him that I can be in the golf business because they aren’t. This entire store was filled with burned out and uninspired workers. I often felt that I knew more about the products and pricing than they ever did. Funny thing is, this same store recently went out of business. By trade, I work in the real estate business but I refuse to allow it to define who I am. A good provider will do what is needed to survive and to take care of his family but a person with a passion and a dream will also pursue his dreams even if it means working on them when everybody else is sleeping.
There are those who are risk takers and dreamers but for all of the wrong reasons. There’s also a saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions and when it comes to business, it’s true. Some people dream of making lots of money and of how they can extract every dollar possible from others while others have a dream to share their passion with the world and any money that follows is gravy. This is why I enjoy working with certain companies and certain individuals. I truly enjoy meeting people who do things the right way. The right way isn’t always easy or cheap or obvious but it is rewarding. Don’t be so hasty to judge people or products based solely on the words of others. There are people in this world who never get along with anyone and who are negative from sun up to sun down and if we aren’t careful, their negative influence will cover us like a shadow. Make your decisions about people based upon the look in their eyes and the results of their actions with you.
It’s possible to wear many hats in this world and everyone needs a true passion in their life. You don’t have to be on the PGA tour to love golf and you don’t have to own a golf store to enjoy the merchandise. The next time you find yourself in the middle of one of the standard “what do you do” conversations, try to expand your knowledge and find out what the other person is really about. The great thing about having a dream or passion or even a calling in this world is that compensation has very little to do with it. Sure, we would all love to get paid to hunt, race, golf, fish or play our favorite sport but the lack of pay shouldn’t keep us from pursuing what we love. Don’t be defined or limited by the perceptions of others but allow your true potential to change and blow minds at every given chance.
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