In this world, there are a million ways to die and many ways to succeed. Recently, a quote from my childhood entered my mind and although I’d like to shake it out, it seems to stay with me. “What you feed will grow, what you starve will die, you never kill something by feeding it, you only increase it’s capacity to grow”. At 47 years of age, I am vastly different than when I was 27. Life has a way of setting in and ripping away many of the hopes and dreams of childhood and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If it were not for reality taking over, many of us would remain kids for our entire lives. I’m thankful for the lessons of life and for my family, friends and experiences that make me want to get up every day and keep moving forward. That being said, death is not always eternal.

Just because we get older, do we necessarily stop dreaming? Do we have to concede our ambitions? In light of the quote mentioned above, we should rethink our ways. It’s not so much that dreams and desires die but perhaps distraction is the great equalizer. Whatever your passion is, you tend to find time to feed it. This is why motivated people who are unencumbered can often achieve far greater than others. Becoming a great golfer or long driver doesn’t just happen and it’s not a coincidence. Being in great physical condition is not a natural ability either. To be truly great or even consistent, takes concentration and dedication. It takes a special person to juggle the responsibilities of life while being fit or athletic. At one point in my life, I found it possible to be a good father, loyal husband, provider with the day job and constant blogger. I could basically pursue all of my passions at once. There came a time however, that my workload changed and priorities had to shift. It’s ultimately a trade off. The one’s who are single or divorced often trade companionship for a pursuit of a goal or greatness while others who are married or have much financial responsibility trade their attention for the discipline of providing what is needed for others.

No matter what you pursue in life, time and effort are required to obtain any success. The things that you find time for and feed will grow and the things that you get distracted from and ignore will die. Dedication demands your full attention while distraction will almost always lead to death of a dream. Focus today on what is important and remember this constant truth…the more successful you are, the less jealous you become of others.



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