drive like happy

Some drink and others choose not to but we all agree that you shouldn’t be behind the wheel after a few slugs. When it comes to golf, it’s a whole other matter. Nobody’s ever been arrested for driving while under the influence of Ozzy, Machine Head or Pan-FN-tera. Let’s get real for a bit. The reason that major golf club makers have been cheating lofts stronger and stronger is so that they can claim to be the longest club in the game and it has worked. Today’s 7 iron is a lot like yesterday’s 5 or 6 iron so you’d better be hitting them farther than before. They say that luck only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades but I say that length only counts in porn legends and golf.

For the record, the iron game should be one of precision because typically, you’re trying to hit them a certain distance. Some hulkish folks can use a short iron for a long shot but in the end, there is a definite target or yardage in mind. When you pull the driver, especially in long drive, you’re letting it all hang out and hoping the ball never stops flying. Ideally, you’d like the ball flight to look like the number chart in first grade with the never ending arrow at the end. The journey to distance is found in commitment, practice, game film, strength, speed and tenacity. There are some who are long drivers simply because they have the money to enter events and travel and there are others who borrow from Peter to pay Paul in order to be part of the long drive scene. The true ego in both scenarios is that both efforts are made in order to say…”yeah, I’m a long driver”. If money equaled distance however, Bill Gates would kick everybody’s butt in the field.

Every engine needs fuel and Golf Power is no exception. True power and strength are only found inside and through adversity. In order to stand in front of a cheering crowd, you must first know the feeling of utterly failing in front of the doubters. When the world says no and the only support you can find is deep inside, you have reached a point of great opportunity. Betting on yourself when the odds are against you will always provide the greatest return on investment. It’s easy to be a front runner or to pull for the favorite but the nectar of the god’s in reserved for the one’s who pay their dues and want it more than anyone else. For me, music has always spoken to my soul and if at the range or the putting green, my earbuds are a constant companion. Find your motivation and let it lead you down the path of your dreams and remember driving under the proper influence is always allowed.


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