The path to greatness is by way of the crossroads. Is it possible for someone to serve two masters? No more than it’s possible to take two paths at the same time. In terms of golf, I’m fairly new to the game. Growing up, my father loved the game of golf and did his best to instill the same passion in his two sons. We weren’t able financially to support but maybe 1 round per year with the entire crew and because we didn’t get to practice, it just wasn’t very much fun because we hit such poor shots. Along the way, I developed other passions that included basketball and music that included being in a few metal bands. These passions led me on a path away from golf but years later, it would be introduced to me again.

My second wind in golf was a bit of a journey. As I picked up the clubs again, I quickly figured out that my equipment was badly outdated. Being someone who is a student of whatever I pursue, I began the process of learning the swing and starting making efforts to learn everything I could about the newer clubs. My first update was by way of my wife as she had a local club maker build a driver and 2 fairway woods for me. Although the set improved my game a little, after having them tested, it turned out they were just short of a senior flex setup. Fast forward and eventually, I was able to find a proper set of clubs, with the correct flex and the game became much more fun as the scoring numbers began to fall to a respectable level.  As my skill improved, I began to set goals for myself and was able to meet most of them. Breaking 100, breaking 90, breaking 80 and then an elusive chase of breaking par.

Everybody wants to hit the ball farther and there comes a time when each golfer must face the crossroads. Do you continue down the path of the PGA and traditional golf with it’s strict rules and elite groups or do you take a different path? Many talk of quitting the game when they have a bad round and perhaps, that is the best path for them but for the others, there are roads that lead to fun and a game of power. It’s hard for a skilled precision golfer to release their full potential as a Long Driver and it’s equally as hard for a powerful Long Driver to dial their game back enough to be a tournament golfer. The problem is, golfers often think that when they reach the ability level to shoot par, they have arrived on a pro level but the truth is much more harsh. Unless you can routinely fire rounds in the low to mid 60’s, you have zero chance of ever reaching the prime time golf circuits. On the other hand, unless you can find the correct combination of equipment, power, speed and technique that allows you to launch a ball routinely over 375 yards, you’re future in Long Drive might also be in doubt. No to get too biblical but the best advice would be for each person to “choose this day whom they will serve”…either distance or tradition. To reach a level worthy of competing, a majority of practice time has to be dedicated to the number one goal and if there is any energy or time left over, the number two goal can feed on the crumbs of the day. I once met a Long Driver at an event who was over to the side chipping and putting. I had no idea who this guy was but after speaking with him, it turns out that he was a past winner and at one point, very highly ranked on the world stage. He made the statement that he might not be able to beat some of the guys on the grid but that he could beat everyone there on the course. Being a confident golfer myself, I had to add…not everyone out here.

The moral of the story is that there is a distinct difference in traditional golf and Long Drive and it’s not more credible to be good at one or the other but it would be a rare, freak of nature that could successfully marry the two on a National level. Just as the Long Drivers wouldn’t really have a chance to outscore a golfer on the PGA tour, it can also be said that the PGA tour golfers can’t really compete with a Long Driver on the grid, no matter what club they swing. When you reach the crossroads, you will know it and only you can determine which road to take.


Moby / Shark Attack Golf