It’s been said that “Chicks dig the long ball” and everybody is infatuated with hitting the golf ball a long way. So why do some say that the sport of Long Drive is dying? It’s seems to almost be a secret as to how to even get started in Long Drive. I think some people make the mistake of purchasing used and abused equipment and it ends up being unreliable and breaking and others simply don’t realize the commitment level needed to begin learning how to hit a golf ball as far as possible. It helps to have some athletic ability to start with but size doesn’t mean everything. Long Driving can be accomplished with speed, technique or raw power and some people are able to put more than one of these together in combination and we often call these folks World Champs. This brings me to a war story from my past. When I was 17 years old, I dated a very edgy girl. She was vastly more experienced than me in all aspects of life and it was through her that I learned a valuable life lesson. Back in the day, I performed in several Bands and Metal Music spoke to my soul. My girlfriend was well connected and when Iron Maiden came to town, she got a ticket and a full backstage pass. A few days later, she asked me to drop by her house. There was a gift wrapped up for me in a small box and when I opened it, it was a signed guitar pick. At first, I was excited and happy to have it and then, I began to put the pieces of the puzzle together in my mind. To make the story a bit shorter and less graphic, yes, my girlfriend took one for the team in order to get a tiny gift for me and needless to say, that relationship didn’t last very long. I do still have the pick. One thing is for sure, she had a commitment level that was off the chart. In the time that I’ve been involved in Long Drive, it’s become really obvious that in order to make it even on the local level, there has to be a commitment level beyond what the average person is willing to do. You can never go wrong with one simple rule- In order to beat someone, you must out work them.

MobyMatt- Shark Attack Golf