Some people believe that dreaming is only for the young and the foolish but the ability to dream is what takes mere mortals to the realm of the gods. As a child, hopefully we all had big hopes and dreams. Some dreamed of being a cowboy or a ninja or the greatest basketball player in the world while others would imagine hitting a walk off home run in the world series or catching  the winning pass in the super bowl. Reality has a way of beating down and realigning our plans and not everyone can achieve the highest goals. At one point in my life, I just knew that my guitar playing would be the ticket to fame and fortune but  the drive of my band members was nowhere near a level that could have opened those doors. I also had an eye opening experience when a person came to my house and spotted my favorite guitar on a stand. He asked if he could play it and I told him to go for it. He began to play on a level that I had never witnessed before and was perhaps the greatest guitar player I’ve ever met. When he finished, he tried to hand the guitar to me and he said, you play now. I told him if he thought I was going to follow that performance, he was nuts. Reality and ambition have a way of revealing their disparity. I also quickly learned that there wasn’t much of a future in basketball for a 6’2″ point guard.

A competitive nature has lead me to pursue new passions in my adult life. Being competitive is a lot like having a Southern accent…it’s always there no matter where you go. Golf is a sport that allows everyone to chase their sporting dreams. It doesn’t matter if your young or old, tall or short, male or female or have natural ability. You can play against others who are of similar skill level or even those who are much better thanks to handicaps and different sets of tee boxes. The most realistic goal in golf is to be the best that you can be and not to measure success against a PGA level player.

Life is about finding a niche that you can flourish in and I’ve come to love Long Drive. This is a segment of golf that prior to now, has enjoyed very limited exposure or National success. Long Drive isn’t for everyone but it is a great alternative to trying to shoot scores that are unattainable. There are 2 major types of Long Drivers…the technical and the brute. The technical player has a more classic golf swing and relies upon tremendous ball striking and competes based upon executing as perfect of a golf swing as possible. The Brute is a player who is bigger and stronger and is all about power and the free swing. The technical is more likely to find the fairway while the brute lives for the knockout punch.

The more we allow ourselves to dream, the more we will be driven to pursue our passions. Passions and dreams are not always  intertwined with money and fame. Some people dream of beating their playing partners in a weekly dogfight on the course while others believe that they can be among the greatest in the world of long drive. It doesn’t matter what your dreams and goals are but it does matter that you continue to chase your dreams. The same people who doubt you at every step will be the same people who want to ride on your bandwagon when you find success so don’t put your trust in the people who are negative or those who have lost the ability to dream but place your trust in yourself and in those who cheer you on to greatness. Let the haters become your motivators and never be afraid to shock the world when the door opens in front of you to the next level. You may never know when you have arrived but chasing the dream will always take you to newer and better places and to all of you who dare to dream, we salute you.


Shark Attack Golf / Moby