Our Friends at Mechanization had a new album release and here is my review of their latest offering. Mortem In Aeternum begins with what we’ve come to expect, a driving war note in the form of “Fire, not Faith”. This tract quickly became one of my favorites from this album. It’s always good when the opening track makes you want to bang your head. “Wolf Ticket” follows as the second act and is a more vocal heavy scenario. I’m not opposed to a focus on vocals and I really like that the guys took a chance to express this angle here. “Abdicated” is the third track and gives off a more rock based feel. The group CKY comes to mind, specifically made my my wonder to the Jackass episodes with Bam Margera featured. Luckily, I’m a fan of all things Jackass and this one sent my mind into drift mode which was awesome. “Vice Returned” is a throwback to some of the original music that made me a fan of this group. It’s soulful and winding and feels like a journey on a viking ship. “Blood Moon” vibes further into a modern rock scene, Disturbed leaps into the brain but the vocals are much juicier. “Quartered”rides in on the wings of the “666” track. This one feels like we’re on horseback headed to eviscerate a village in the distance. The vocals show again here. “No Axiom” flutters and bounces between the speakers which is an often forgotten effect in modern music. “Untethered” is an emotional stop and start with some vocal speak mixed in. “Curtains” once again offers some really cool audio effects. The drum line here is driving and brings the mechanical feel back into focus. “Nowhere to go, nothing to be” takes the 10th spot on this offering and is a blistering shot to the ear hole. I’m a big fan of the guitar spotlights on this one. Again, finding myself slamming my head around. I only regret not having enough hair to give it the full honoring. “Arc of the Shadow” wraps up the album and begins with a cool and melodic guitar riff. If this is a building, this one puts the shimmer and shine on the project. If you’re a fan of the change up, look no further. The end portion of the track is simply magical and feels like approaching the edge of the known world. This is probably my number one song of the eleven. Final thoughts would be that of a reflection from outside the box. We are used to a tight and robotic grinding machine from these guys and although vocals are more focused here, you’ll still find plenty of metal and steel gears to please the soul. I can envision many of these being featured in our video logs at Shark Attack Golf. There are few band who remain personable and true but this is one group that hasn’t failed yet. Rumor has it that a new release is in the works and I for one can’t wait to be a part of it. A huge thanks to the guys for allowing us to have a listen and post a review and an even bigger thanks to all who visit and take the journey with us. Keep rocking, keep defying and most of all, keep being true to yourself.