30 minutes


Time is constant and relative, it stops for no man or woman and holds different values for the young and the old. As a young man, I was pretty much willing to try anything once. The cockiness of my youth also lead me to believe that I could stick to anything for 30 minutes because I had a bunch more 30 minute time blocks coming. Now that I’m older, I place a lot more value on each 30 minute interval.

At any given time, you stand 30 minutes away from greatness, happiness and health but it begins and ends with you. What I’m trying to say is that each fantastic ending had a starting point. You can’t buy more time and it’s almost impossible to purchase results. I truly feel that this is lost in modern society in that the concept of paying dues has been lost to some degree. Many kids get frustrated when they have an interest in something but aren’t instantly good at it. In reality, you have to suck before you can be great at anything. When I wanted to spin a basketball on my finger, I worked for hours until it became possible. When I figured out that the ladies preferred a guitar player to a clarinet player, I spent tons of 30 minute blocks strumming away until it made sense and sounded right. Golf requires an ongoing commitment to gain ground as well.

Each day brings a choice and a decision. Just as you are 30 minutes from greatness, you are just as close to failure, sadness and bitterness. This is why I can’t stand to be a round negative people. Folks who always see the negative or the bad in any situation are doomed to fail and it wears me out. I give everyone and everything the benefit of the doubt and this allows me to get along with lots of people. We make daily decisions 30 minutes at a time.

Let’s take a cue from pizza delivery. They take the stand that if they can’t do their job correctly and deliver a pizza within 30 minutes, it’s free. If you can’t make a commitment or a goal and give it your best 30 minute effort until improvement is made, you will never succeed and your discipline is weak. Instant gratification and shortcuts may feel rewarding at times but they have no shelf life. Why not actually set goals and allow yourself to dream? Why not spend 30 minuted daily in the pursuit of those goals? Just as progress in golf requires gains and losses, life requires a never ending effort to break free from the chains that hold the masses in mediocrity. Passion lives, it’s just a matter of finding it and rewarding it with your best effort.



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