Goldiloxxx Long Drive Custom



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Back in Stock and ready to decimate the competition. The best built driver in the game of Long. Here are the details…

  • Although the heads are stamped 6.66 loft, the true loft will be 5 and there is a slight tolerance meaning we may also receive some that are slightly lower and some that are slightly higher within 1 degree or so.
  • This is a 2 piece head meaning it’s durable and cost roughly double to produce but you’ll agree that it’s worth it.
  • This is for a custom setup, hand built by Moby on a Reaper Shaft.
  • Custom build includes a Goldiloxxx head and your choice of Reaper LD Shaft.

Additional information

Shaft Options

Pink Reaper 240 cpm, Yellow Reaper 250 cpm, Blue Reaper 260 cpm, White Reaper 4X, White Reaper 3X, Black Reaper 4X, Violent Tattoo 235 cpm, Black Tattoo 245 cpm, Silver Tattoo 255 cpm, Blue Tattoo 265 cpm, Cherry Bomb Tattoo 225 cpm


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